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Residential Complex infrastructure:

  • Closed and garded yard
  • Reception at the Parter
  • Children's play area
  • Secure underground parking in 2 levels
  • Commercial areas, which will also include Yoga, Fitness and Dental Salon
  • Lift Otis (France) at every staircase.

Residence territory:

Access to the territory of the complex is secured in the parking  through the barrier (command) and rolling gate, in the yard there are gates with limiting system access. Court will be covered with pavement, access to parking on the carriageway will be covered with asphalt. It is provided access for people with special needs in the in block. Comfortable lighting throughout perimeter. Small green areas. We organized a small play area for children.
The perimeter of the residential complex will be bordered by adjacent areas: in the inner courtyard and up to the entrance on the ground we will create a protective wall. It will carry decorative and fence functions. Behind this wall, on the outside it is a channel designed to drain water accumulated during the rain. In this way, the yard, pavement and play areas will remain clean, even in rainy weather.


Indoor communal spaces:

Each block of residential complex will be pleasantly designed with waiting area for visitors downstairs. In one of staircases will be Central Reception (or Security Service) + a sanitary cabin equipped with all necessary. Decking in all common areas will be covered with marble or granite, including the upper floors. Each level has large panoramic windows.

Engineering and Supply Systems


Water Supply System


Heating System

The Electricity
and Low Voltage


Ventilation and

Security System